Locks of Love is a non profit charity organization that uses donated  hair to make wigs for American and Canadian children that have lost their hair due to medical conditions. Riley graciously decided to donate her hair,  her beautiful blond hair.  But before the final cut, a photoshoot was in order. Here are some of our favorites.
Carlsbad family and children photographer. Girl on field with clouds in the sky

  • Samantha - What a sweet selfless little girl! Beautiful!

  • Sophie - What a fantastic cause – such a sweet little hero!!!

  • Lauren N - These are gorgeous! And a great organization to support! So amazing for her to want to give her hair to the cause. <3

  • Sarah - How awesome!!!

  • Melissa McClure - Wow I love this! What a gracious girl. Gorgeous images!

  • Ashley D - Such a lovely reason to do a photo session! Love the colors.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is a book by Marie Kondo, a Japanese cleaning consultant. When Greg bought the book, I have to admit I read the tittle and thought “Your life is going to change just because you’ve organized your space? Cheesy!”

Greg read the whole book in an afternoon and immediately after, organized his closet and office. He said “I would like for you to read this book, let me know what you think”, by the time I finished reading the book Greg had also organized the garage. I am really loving the new and improved v2016 Greg 🙂

You’ll have to read the book to get all excited about hours on end of organizing. It took me a few days to start reading it. The beginning was a bit repetitive, but necessary for the message to sink into my head, in the middle of the book I started to understand why all the organizing steps may be important to follow if you want this decluttering and organizing endeavor to succeed, by the end of the book I could not wait to start organizing.

I started with the office, disregarding her very first advice to start with your closet. She was right and I was wrong! It took me three 14 hour days, to get the office organized about 15 trash bags (33 gal.) went out of the office, not to mention the full load of donations that could barely fit in the Xterra. If Greg had not already organized his closet and office and remained organized for a couple of weeks, I would probably have given up. My closet was a piece of cake to organize and the bathroom a walk in the park. With Marie Kondo’s method, organizing and decluttering becomes addictive. The only part that still remains “messy” is the kitchen. Well the kitchen is a whole new story, I probably have every kitchen gadget ever created, so I am waiting a few days before I try to organize that jungle.

Now that the majority of the house is organized and everything has it’s place, it is a lot easier to keep it all organized and most of all; there is a lightness about being in an organized space that really is: life changing! Totally worth it.

Office organization images, before and after

A few months ago, our long time friend Boris contacted us trying to schedule a get together during his trip to the states. When we last saw Boris, we were spending a great New Year’s in the Alps and planning to move to France for a spell. This was post-dogs/pre-kids on the Reeves’ timeline and doesn’t seem too long ago.

San Diego was the last stop before heading back home to France and everything lined up. Boris and family were traveling with a friend and her son and we all got together for breakfast, thinking that we’d probably eat something quick and then go on to do some sightseeing, but both assumptions were wrong. We took our time during breakfast talking about life and our past adventures a few of which might still be on the internet if someone were to look hard enough.

Turns out that everyone was really hoping for an easy, fun day that did not involve any ticket purchases or waiting in line. Our group quickly decided to split up and the girls and I (Karine and Nathalie) would go get pedicures and do a little shopping while the boys would go surfing.

Time goes by really fast when you are having fun! We got back to our house later in the afternoon and put together what I call an ‘all hands on deck’ kind of dinner, where basically everyone helps getting diner ready. Somehow, at our house that is pretty much how all diner parties end up, we chat, we remember the old times, we talk about new happenings, we cook a little. We had the most wonderful time with Boris, his wife Karine, their three kids, their friend Nathalie (we are so glad to have made a new friend) and her son and of course our friends Andrea, Andy and their kids. There is nothing like having friends to celebrate life.

Diner with friends, fun, good times, and food

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