Sweet baby Ava feel asleep only after daddy rocked her in his arms.
Artisan Photography newborn photos, baby girl on colorful backgrounds and cute headbands

Artisan Photography specializes in newborn and family photography, located in North County servicing the greater San Diego area.
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  • Jasmine - That hair! So adorable, this sweetie!

  • Erin - What a precious baby!

  • Laura C - What a cutie!! Your work is just stunning!! <3

What a perfect little princess.


Artisan Photography specializes in newborn photography.
Thinking of booking your own newborn session? Get in touch today to secure your session! Simply call 480.381.0826 or email us at info@ArtisanPhotograhy.com.

  • Erin - I’m obsessed with that little hand on her face 🙂

  • Laura C - I am obsessed with the pics with the teddy bear! So dang cute!!

Lovely baby Alaya 20 days old and such a cutie.

Newborn photo session bright colors with cute headbands and wraps

Newborn photo session neutral colors wooden floors and basket

Thinking of booking your own newborn session? Get in touch today to secure your session! Simply call 480.381.0826 or email us at info@ArtisanPhotograhy.com

  • Annie - What a beautiful baby! You captured her sweetness perfectly!

  • Daniela - Beautiful images and super cute babies!

  • Melissa M - So sweet and I love her name! Such a great variety of images too!

  • Gabrielle - Beautiful session! Love the purple and poses.

  • Jasmine - So much adorableness from this teeny cutie!

  • Julie Ferneau - You’re posing is PERFECT!! Such a great job on this session! High Five!

  • Sarah Tolson - Oh my goodness!!! So beautiful. 🙂

  • Natalie - Such a beautiful girl- and your use of color is amazing! Everything is so calm and soothing to look at. Love!

  • Allison - You are so talented, what an incredible session!

  • Erin Brant - These are so lovely!

  • Hanna - Such sweet images <3

  • Sophie - So adorable! Love the colors and variety!

  • Erika - Wow! What a great collection of images! Outstanding!

  • Laura C - Andrea, these are stunning! your posing and lighting are so gorgeous! They must be so thrilled with these images!! Great job!

Had a great time photographing this beauty.

beautiful Newborn baby girl photos on a pink blanket

  • Christianne Dowd - Ohhh these are precious! What a beautiful baby!

  • Melissa M - What a perfect baby! So sweet and you captured her so well!

  • Amy Gray - So sweet and beautiful! I love all the variety you captured!

  • Sarah - Love these!!

  • Allison Smoley - These are simply beautiful!! What an amazing session.

  • Carrie - So precious!

  • Laura C - She is so precious! Your photographs are beautiful! And wow you were able to do so many looks for this family! Awesome!

  • Ashley D - So delicate and feminine! Sweet

  • Kristen - What a cutie! Her soft skin with those pink tones are gorgeous.

The FIRST (FIRST – For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology ) lego League  is a robotics program created to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders,  helping kids (4-8 grades) develop technology skills while  fostering  the development of life abilities such as communication, leadership and self-confidence.

Each team is made up of 4 to 10 students and two or more adult coaches. Both Mateo and Lucas are in the robotics program on separate teams.  Lucas’ team name is “Trash Busters” and Mateo’s  is “Paintball Pelicans”. Every year the FIRST  Lego League has a new theme, this year the theme was the Trash Trek.

The TRASH TREKSM  Challenge asks teams to explore the  fascinating world of trash, from collection, to sorting, recycling and reuse. The teams must also create a solution to help our trash problem and create their own LEGO MINDSTORMS® robot to accomplish missions on a playing field.

This was my first time coaching robotics, I coached Lucas’ team.  I had no idea of what to expect on competition day, it was exciting, fun and nerve wrecking all in one! The kids were so nervous, and so serious about it too. It was great to watch them compete, and make last minute adjustments to their robots.

Last Friday our school had three winning teams.

Competitive Team:  5th Grade – The Paintball Pelican Team (Mateo, Jarred and Thomas)
1)      1st place in the Project Award category – Recycling Project: Paint care
2)      2nd place in the Spirit Award category
Coach: Bridget Smith

Non-competitive Team: 3rd/4th Grade:  The Robo Rockers Team (Preston, Nathan, Jack, Jet)
1)      1st place in FLL Trash Trek Robot Game
Coach: Monica Mullen

Non-competitive Team: 3rd/4th Grade:  The Trash Busters Team (Lucas, Devin, Sebastian, Zaiden)
1)   3rd place in FLL Trash Trek Robot Game
Coach: Andrea Reeves

To download or view more images from the event Click here

A big Thanks to all the Middle school coaches that helped all of our teams!


FIRST LEGO League Core Values. – See more at: http://www.firstinspires.org



  • Auntie Gen - So cool to see that all those Lego and Build-Something! presents cover the years are paying off. Congratulations!!

  • Ashley D. - Congratulations! I can see the excitement in the room, the anticipation.

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