We got our own garden plot!!!ย  About two and a half years ago I signed up with the city of Carlsbad for a Community Garden plot, there was aย  long waiting list. When I mentioned it to Greg his only comment was “why do you want a garden plot?”.ย ย  I thought, no problem I can definitely take care of it by myself, the plots are pretty big, about 20’x30′, worst thing that can happen is that I’ll have to use child labor, I have two kids that will gladly work in trade for video game time.

Fast forward to 6 weeks ago when my name came up to the top of the list and all of a sudden Greg is super excited, he wants to go to the bookstore, buy a couple of books,ย  do some research and design “OUR” garden. Wait, wait, what?! Design “OUR” garden?!ย  For a whole day we did just that, planned what plants go well together, what veggies we wanted to grow, how often we should water them, and how to bring the good bugs to our garden. The next day we went to the nursery, we started carefullyselecting the plants and then the boys kinda took over and each grabbed all the veggies they wanted to plant and put on their separate little carts, needless to say after every family member got the plants they wanted to plant and we ended up with 50+ plants of all sorts, so much for all of the research and design that we so carefully made. We hadย  fun planting everything in the ground, it was a lot of work but very rewarding.ย  We have a pretty big plot, it is 25’x27′.ย  With any luck we will get some tasty vegetables!

Artisan Photography garden plot newly planted plants














Baby Audrey is such a sweetie, she posed so nicely for me. 11 Days old.

Newborn baby girl on three different poses with cute headbands on grey and pink background at our Carlsbad studio in California

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