There is something to be said about childhood friends, even when life takes us in opposite directions, there is always a special place for them in your heart, you never stop loving them. I still have many of my childhood friends and when I look back at our photos, my heart is filled with such great memories… and I want my kids to have that and more.

When the boys were younger, just running around and still leaving presents in their pants for me, I had the idea of getting all of their friends together for one, big group picture. Well, life is busy and while it’s awesome that we can do this type of project any day we want, that also makes it harder to do it on any one, particular day. There’s always tomorrow. Add in all the activities and vacations and well, you can guess how the big group photo was coming along. It wasn’t.

I really wanted this for the boys and me too, so it was on to Plan B. On any given week, everyone would have some time, so I set upon a divide and conquer path, with plans for an eventual reassembly.

The first step was to photograph all the kids individually, which was surprisingly fun and fast (lots of play dates), then the real work began and I put them together one by one, paying close attention to their heights, to make sure the final image was true to scale and voila, we have a great group photo with all of these amazing kids that happen to be my kid’s friends. And look, everyone has a perfect expression – good luck with that in a group photo with the median age well under double digits.

I am so in love with this picture!

And I am so happy to check this off of my project list. This is a photo I will treasure forever!

big group photo photoshoped together

  • JoAnn Garcia - Hi Andrea,

    This picture turned out spectacular! It is amazing to see how much all the kids have already grown since taking these pictures. You did an awesome job. I hope you and your family are doing well in Cali. We miss you too.
    Until the next time.

    Thank you again for the photo,
    JoAnn Garcia

  • Connie - Thanks for pulling this together….it is so special and reminds me to capture the moments….they fly by.

  • Mary - Love, Love the pictures of all the kids! You are an amazing photographer. We miss you guys!

Summertime in Arizona can make even the most enthusiastic, photo happy people wilt and wither, under the glaring, afternoon sun. Evenings can work, but really, mornings are best.

Luckily, as those of us with kids are very much aware, little ones tend not to respect morning boundaries. And if you have a one year old, the notion of meeting me for photos at 6AM isn’t all that strange. For those of you without kids,  give it time.

While it was probably still warm by the thermometer, we certainly didn’t feel it and nobody looked it. This sweet, baby girl had a great time, she’s been a natural, ever since she was even a littler baby girl, when we spent a morning getting all sorts of baby photos.  I loved every minute I spent with this wonderful family!


family photos at a Chandler park with lanterns hangingfather and young daugther at the Gilbert park playingFamily portrait at the park in pink blue and purple - Gilbert AZone year old girl holding ballons at the Gilbert park in Arizonamother and baby girl portrait at the parkfather and mother holding one year old baby girl handsone year old girl dressed in pink and purple walking on the sidewalkfather holding baby girl in his arms att he parkone year old girl standing on little rocking chairone year old girl holding small suitcase at the parkfamily happy portrait at the parkfamily sitting on a bench at the parkparents walking hand in hand with baby girl

  • burt and jean corkum - We love all these photos – everyone looks so happy. Dear little Lila Jean
    already a year old…..a beautiful family.

    Much love, Gram and Gramps

  • Jane Corkum - Good morning!
    I know I’ve already emailed you a note when the photos first arrived, but I look at these photos every day multiple times and just smile. The outfits, the little shoes, the happiness that is on all of your faces – sheer delight! Such a happy little girl — who you can tell just adores her parents! And she is precious beyond words. You all are.
    Much love,
    Mom/Grammie Jane

  • Tera Pepper - Hello!!!! Lila Jean is so adorable! Ryan, you are a true doting Daddy and she is the apple of your eye! Karina, you are glowing and your happiness is very apparent! I’m so happy for you and I can tell Lila Jean has made your last year an amazing one! We miss you so much!
    Love, Brian, Tera, Blake & Toby!

  • Eric B - Amazing shots! What is the location with the trees!? So beautiful! I’ve been to the park before, but have never seen trees like that there. Where were you guys?

    Hope you’re doing well in California!

Happy father’s day to all the amazing dads out there! Happy father’s day to my amazing husband who is a fantastic dad to our boys.

This year the kids and I got to create a very special photo book for Greg, it is so cute to read the kid’s  perception of their dad.

This book is one of our newest products and such a unique and custom gift for all dads. Everyone loves it!


He is only 8 but he already thinks he is bigger than daddy 🙂   Too funny!

Cute album design for father


cute father

Lisa and Pete were married at the Millennium Resort in Scottsdale. Quite simply, they’re lovely people. When we arrived, there was this wonderfully comfortable, peaceful and happy atmosphere. We walked into the bridal suite to find a surprisingly calm and radiant Lisa. Pete was helping Tyler get ready- so cute- I’m such a sucker for little guys in tuxedos (Pete looked okay too 😉 )

This is why I love weddings so much, the LOVE in the air, the ritual, the happiness, the festivity. To be a part of such an important day in people’s lives really is an honor and to be a part of Lisa and Pete’s wedding day was amazing; it was everything a wedding is supposed to be. Their vows were so fitting and genuine, they made me cry and I normally don’t cry at weddings.

From Pete’s vows:
“… We are truly the right ‘fit’ for one another; I am the peanut butter to your jelly, we belong together… I will bring to you the very best of me, to bring out the best in us, and the best in the children that we cherish…”

From Lisa’s vows:
“… together we will raise our family and create a home filled with kindness, honesty, laughter, and mutual respect, a place where we support and encourage one another in the spirit of love that surrounds us today…”

I loved their vows, such simple words, yet so meaningful. Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary. Watching them share these vows reminded me of a quote (that I’m too lazy to Google who said it right now).

You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need.

This wedding was a wonderful success for Pete, Lisa and their new family; truly a “celebration”, in every sense of the word. A fantastic day shared with great loving friends and family.

Congratulations Lisa and Pete!!!!

F o l l o w   U s