Newborn Baby Portraits

When should I schedule my baby’s photo session?  The best time to schedule your session is before your baby is born. We will put a big smiley face on the calendar for your due date and then pick the session day, once baby arrives. We like to photograph babies when they are 5-12 days old, while they are still very sleepy and we can get all those sweet, curly poses easier. As baby grows, vocal cords are discovered and exercised, naps are harder to come by and baby is less likely to play along.

How long does the photo shoot take? That depends on your baby. Sometimes everything falls in line and we’re done in two hours. Most of the time it’s about three hours and every once in a while, that independent streak shows itself early and it can take a little longer. We’re not photographing the whole time, baby gets hungry, needs time to fall asleep again, provides artwork in the diaper and pretty much do what they like.

Can I be in the photos with my baby? Yes, we encourage mom and dads to be in the shoot with baby. Please bring a couple of neutral color outfits and for the moms a strapless bra as well.

Can  I get a photo of  my kids together? Baby sessions require a quiet and peaceful environment to keep baby asleep while we photograph them and remain asleep as we transition from one pose to the other. A baby photo shoot can last for days (in kid time) and it is very hard to keep siblings entertained and quiet. And by very hard I mean impossible. Each time baby is woken up, it adds another 30-45 minutes. What we’ve found works best is to have the siblings join us at the end, so we can still get the photos but not have to worry so much about waking up baby.

Can we do sessions at my house? Yes, we can photograph at  your house or at our studio.  Please email us to inquire about our travel fees.

I absolutely love ______ can I bring it? While we have everything you’ll need, we love it when we can make your photos even more personal; if it’s safe, we’re happy to include it in your session.

When do I get to see the images? Two or three days after the photo shoot, we’lll sit down and go through the images together to help you narrow down your favorites and make your purchase decisions. Most orders arrive within one to two weeks but some take a little longer, such as canvases, metal art and our custom collections.

What do I need to do to get baby ready for the shoot? Not to worry, we’ll take care of everything. A couple of days before your photo session we will send you our secret instructions to help baby cooperate and make the most of our session.

How much is the Photo Session? Baby photo sessions are $179. If your session takes longer than normal, that’s okay.

Do you offer “digital negatives”?  We do provide digital negatives for all purchased images, sized for you to use on Facebook, iPads and web sites. We also have high resolution image packages available . These include all of our Photoshop wizardry and custom artwork, exactly the same as the fine art print or canvas selected.

Do you offer packages? Sure,  check out our investment section for all of our collections.

Do you accept credit cards? But of course.

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