Baby Audrey

Baby Audrey is such a sweetie, she posed so nicely for me. 11 Days old.

Newborn baby girl on three different poses with cute headbands on grey and pink background at our Carlsbad studio in California

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  • Victoria - She’s the sweetest little baby ever. Wonderful pictures

  • Katee Adams - She is precious! These photos are gorgeous!

  • Lori Forrest - Audrey is so beautiful! I love the pictures!!

  • Randi Nichols - I love my little Princess. She’s so beautiful!!! 😀

  • Chad - She is absolutely adorable 🙂

  • Cheryl - Beautiful little girl. Nana can’t wait to hold you.

  • Brittany - In LOVE with these photos… Newborn ones are the most precious! So beautiful.

  • Erin - So in love with this beautiful little girl

  • Sandra garcia - Congratulations what lovely baby

  • James White - Congrats once again and she’s adorable.

  • Gabbie - Awe too cute, what an angel!!

  • Michelle - Aww!! She is gorgeous!!! Congratulations momma!!

  • Jessica - So precious

  • Kaitie - Absolutely beautiful!! Congratulations Jill and Dusty (:

  • Cyndy Carrasco - This the cutest set of photos! My heart melts 😍

  • Aric - Looks so happy on the giant teddy bear rug

  • Britney - Omg My favorite little squish is perfect!! 😍😍😍

  • Troy hotalinf - She’s adorable

  • Grace - Most beautiful baby, these pictures are awesome 😍

  • Zachary Fry - Yessssssss!

  • Alex hansen - Squishy!!!!! So adorable!!! I love that squishy!

  • Victoria Belcher - Look at squishy!! Congrats Jill & Dustin!! 💙

  • Elizabeth Clift - I love her! She’s beautiful!

  • Edwin Marin - Awwww <3

  • Caitlyn - So squishy I could die 😀

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