Childhood Friends

There is something to be said about childhood friends, even when life takes us in opposite directions, there is always a special place for them in your heart, you never stop loving them. I still have many of my childhood friends and when I look back at our photos, my heart is filled with such great memories… and I want my kids to have that and more.

When the boys were younger, just running around and still leaving presents in their pants for me, I had the idea of getting all of their friends together for one, big group picture. Well, life is busy and while it’s awesome that we can do this type of project any day we want, that also makes it harder to do it on any one, particular day. There’s always tomorrow. Add in all the activities and vacations and well, you can guess how the big group photo was coming along. It wasn’t.

I really wanted this for the boys and me too, so it was on to Plan B. On any given week, everyone would have some time, so I set upon a divide and conquer path, with plans for an eventual reassembly.

The first step was to photograph all the kids individually, which was surprisingly fun and fast (lots of play dates), then the real work began and I put them together one by one, paying close attention to their heights, to make sure the final image was true to scale and voila, we have a great group photo with all of these amazing kids that happen to be my kid’s friends. And look, everyone has a perfect expression – good luck with that in a group photo with the median age well under double digits.

I am so in love with this picture!

And I am so happy to check this off of my project list. This is a photo I will treasure forever!

big group photo photoshoped together

  • JoAnn Garcia - Hi Andrea,

    This picture turned out spectacular! It is amazing to see how much all the kids have already grown since taking these pictures. You did an awesome job. I hope you and your family are doing well in Cali. We miss you too.
    Until the next time.

    Thank you again for the photo,
    JoAnn Garcia

  • Connie - Thanks for pulling this together….it is so special and reminds me to capture the moments….they fly by.

  • Mary - Love, Love the pictures of all the kids! You are an amazing photographer. We miss you guys!

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