Bubble Bath Photoshoot

When Maya and her mom arrived for the photo shoot, the tub was ready and the soap bubbles were just getting started. Maya is barely two, but it was immediately clear to her, just who this little section of fun was for. She almost made it into the tub with all her clothes on. Small but fast.

And who can blame her? Bubbles are great fun in the bath and here it seemed the grownups were encouraging her to make as much mess as possible and providing all the necessary ingredients at the same time. Bubbles were flying everywhere, fast and furious.

Maya was so mesmerized with the bubbles after a while, she did not know what to do.  She grabbed them, she blew them away,  she splashed the water. Repeatedly. She was so into the bath with bubbles she didn’t even realize I was taking pictures, which has proven to be a trick with little Maya. We tried to get her out of the water a couple times before she actually agreed to it. Too much fun!!! What a great way to get pictures and Maya loved it!

So who’s next? Have tub & bubbles, will travel. Fun guaranteed (probably not recommended for high school senior or engagement photos).

Little kid in a tub with bubbles flying around our on the fiels

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